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Instant Ragi Dosai

Instant Ragi Dosai Today's post is for one of our blog followers who had asked for Instant Ragi dosai recipe.  We can prepare it in either of the two ways. First method is mixing up of Dosai batter with Ragi flour whereas I have posted the second method, which doesn't use rice by any means. Hence its more healthier. I have added also grated carrots to make the dosais much more healthier . Over to the recipe..

instant ragi dosai

Yields  : 10 - 12 Dosais


Ragi Flour             - 1 cup
Urad Dal                - 1/4 cup
Big Onion              - 1 (small)
Carrot                     - 1 (medium size)
Chopped Ginger     - 2 tsp
Green Chili             - 1
Curry leaves            - few
Salt                          - As required
Gingely Oil             - For making dosais


  • Soak Urad dal for 30 minutes and grind it to a smooth batter. Finely chop Onion, Green Chili and Curry leaves. Grate carrots.
  • Take a bowl. Add Ragi flour, Urad dal batter, chopped onions, ginger, green chili, curry leaves and enough salt to it.
  • Add water in small instances and start mixing the batter. The batter should be of Dosai batter consistency. Start preparing Dosais after 30 minutes.
  • Heat a Dosai pan. Pour a laddle of batter to it. Expand it like dosai. Add Gingely oil.
  • When its cooked on one side, slowly turn it to the other side.
  • Serve the dosai after its cooked on both the sides. Enjoy your Dosai hot with Chutney of your choice.