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Krishna Jeyanthi

Krishna Jeyanthi Happy Krishna Jeyanthi!!!

Krishna Jeyanthi has always been one of my personal favorite celebrations.This year we had a great celebration in our apartment. Everyone of us decorated our kids as Krishna and Radha. We all met at a common place along with our home made snacks. It was very exciting to see little Krishnas and Radhas running and playing around.  A great celebration indeed!!

This is the snack platter i prepared for God Krishna as well as my little Krishna..

krishna jeyanthi

Kodubale            - A deep fried snack prepared with Rice Flour, roasted Fried gram flour, All purpose flour , Rava, white sesame seeds, salt and chili powder. Its preparation is quite time consuming. First prepare the dough. Take a small ball. Roll out , swirl and fry it. I would suggest you to prepare swirls of 6 to 8.   Fry in oil rolled out swirls. Keep the dough covered for the remaining time.

Nei Appam       - Raw rice is soaked and ground to a smooth batter. Jaggery extract and grated coconut are added to the batter. Then appam is prepared using Paniyaram pan.Its very easy to prepare too.

Uppu Seedai      - Its prepared with rice flour and urad dal flour. The reason why seedai is bursting is because of its moisture and the air which is trapped within it. I would suggest you to roll out seedai , Rest it for about 30 minutes in a cloth. Then prick it with a fork.  Pre heat the oven to 180 degree celsius. You can also use Micro wave for this step. The place seedsi balls in pre heated oven for 2 minutes and then fry in oil. By doing so, seedai won't burst at all..

Keep watching the space for detailed individual recipes..