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Mysore Style Tomato Rice

mysore style tomato rice This tomato rice recipe is entirely different from that of usual tomato rice. The difference lies in the masala which is added to it and this recipe uses only tomatoes and not onions. A must try recipe. The recipe follows..

mysore style tomato rice


Rice                - 1 cup
Tomato           - 3 (Big size)
Fresh Peas      - a handful
Fennel Seeds  - 1/4 tsp
Cashew Nuts  - 6 to 8
Curry Leaves  - few
Salt                  - As required
Oil                   - 2 tbsp

To Dry Roast and Grind:

Cinnamon Stick     - 1
Poppy Seeds          - 1/4 tsp
Dry Red Chili        - 2
Grated Coconut     - 3 tbsp


  • Wash well and cook 1 cup of rice in 2.5 cups of water along with little salt. I have used normal Par-boiled rice (Pulungal Arisi) for the recipe. You can also use Basmati rice.
  • Chop finely tomatoes. Dry roast and grind everything under ' To Dry Roast and Grind' adding very little water. Adjust the spice according to your taste. Cook fresh peas.
  • Heat oil in a pan. Add fennel seeds to it. When they splutter add curry leaves and cashew nuts.
  • After a minute add chopped tomatoes. Add enough salt. Cover with a lid and cook it until tomatoes are smashy. Add cooked peas at this stage.
  • Add ground masala to the pan. Saute till raw flavor of masala goes off and after that add cooked rice.
  • Mix everything well together and switch off the flame.
  • Your tasty Mysore style tomato rice is ready!!