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Vengaya Vadai

Vengaya Vadai This is the vadai, which my mom prepares to have along with Palaya Sadham. When ever its palaya sadham at our home she used to serve it along with this vengaya vadai and pasi payaru sundal. Best combo ever!! Even i used to follow the same combo now.

We call this vadai as kara vadai in our native. I have already posted one Kara Vadai recipe which is prepared with rice, lentils and spices batter.

This one is an instant version of Kara Vadai which is prepared with Besan flour. You can prepare this vadai in less than 20 minutes. The tasty recipe follows!!

vengaya vadai

Yields : 10 to 12 vadais

Preparation Time : 20 minutes


Besan Flour                  - 2 cups (Kadalai maavu)
Rice Flour                    - 1/4 cup (Arisi Maavu)
Salt                               - As required
Chili Powder                - 2 tsp
Asafoetida                    - a pinch (hing/Perungayam)
Big Onion                     - 1 (big)
Curry Leaves                - few
Oil                                 - for frying


  • Chop Big onion lengthwise. Take a bowl. Add Besan flour, Rice flour, salt, chili powder, asafoetida , curry leaves and chopped onions to it.
  • Mix everything , Add water in small instances and start preparing the batter. Make sure you add enough water. The batter should be thick or else vadai will absorb oil.
  • Heat oil in a pan. Take small amount of batter with hands and drop it in the oil. Deep fry it.
  • Drain excess oil and enjoy your vadais.