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Vinayaga Chathurthi

Vinayaga Chathurthi Happy Vinayaga Chathurthi!! How did your celebrations went on?? We had great celebration at our home.. My kid played a very active role in the celebration. He helped me a lot in making kozhukattai.  He was very keen to know the stories behind the celebrations too.. Felt very happy and proud that something good has passed on to next generation.. 
Here are the tidbits of our festival foods..

vinayaga chathurthi

Thengai Pooranam Kozhukattai:

Grated coconut is mixed with sugar and it is stuffed inside rice ball. It is then steamed. To make it healthier, i used Brown sugar. You can make kozhukattai either with molds or with hands. 

Ammini Kozhukattai:

This kozhukattai will be spicy. Small balls are made from rice flour and then its seasoned with mustard seeds, urad dal, cumin seeds, channa dal, dry red chili , curry leaves and grated coconut. Remember to add salt while kneading the kozhukattai dough

Black Channa Sundal:

Black channa is boiled with little salt and then its seasoned with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, dry red chili, curry leaves and grated coconut.

Paal Payasam:

Make small balls from kozhukattai dough. Boil it in water. When kozhukattai is cooked 3/4 th add jaggery to it. Add boiled milk after kozhukattai is cooked fully. Add grated coconut and switch off the flame immediately. You can also use coconut milk in the place of milk.

Did you notice?? All the foods we prepare on this special occasion are either steamed or boiled. Eat healthily like Pillayar and live happily!!