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Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration Its a special day for us; our kid turned five today. We hosted a small party at home to celebrate his birthday. We invited around 20 of our friends and their kids. Really felt happy to cook for my beloved friends. Today's post is all about the party menu and the best part is all the recipes are already in blog.. Check it out!!

birthday celebration

White Forest Cake  - I had given recipe for 1 cup of flour whereas i prepared with 4 cups of flour.

Pulkha Roti        - Want to know how to prepare soft chapathi?? Click the link.. These rotis stayed very soft throughout the party

Navarathna Kuruma       -  Very healthy and best  vegetarian side dish for chapathi/ Roti

Mee Goreng        - This is Malaysian style  noodles.  It literally means fried noodles. One of the easiest and tastiest noodles.

Vegetable Dum Briyani   -  Vegetables are cooked with spices and masala. Rice is cooked separately. Then both are put 'Dum' together. I served it with Onion Raita

Malligai Poo Idli          - This Idli was the Show stopper. Everyone appreciated the softness of this Idli.. It was really soft.. Most of them asked for the recipe and tried it too.

Varuthu Aracha Sambar     - Very much flavorful sambar which is prepared with freshly roasted and ground spices.

Coconut Chutney       - Chutney prepared with coconut and fried gram

Curd Rice            - A trick for preparing curd rice. Add lot of milk and just few drops of curd.

Ice cream with Fruit Salad  - I added cut fruits like apple, banana, grapes and pineapple to homemade Icecream

P.S : Write back to me for party menu ideas!!