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White Forest Cake

White Forest Cake
White Forest Cake at home?? yes you can easily prepare this amazing recipe at home.. I have given a very detailed recipe so that even a beginner can prepare this cake easily. Over to the recipe..

white forest cake


For sponge  base:

Dry Ingredients:

All Purpose Flour.   - 1cup (Maida)
Baking Powder.      - 3/4 tsp
Salt                         - a pinch


Powdered Sugar.   - little more than 1/2 cup
Cold Milk.               -1/4 cup
Egg.                       - 2
Butter.                    -1/2 cup
Vannila essence.    - 1/4 tsp

For Icing and Filling:

Whipping Cream                          - 550 -600 ml
Powdered Sugar                          - 5 tbsp
Canned Red Cherries                  -  1/4 cup
Syrup from cherry tin                    - 1/4 cup 

For Decoration:

Whole Red cherries                      - 8 - 10
White Chocolate Gratings              - As required

Alternative ingredients:

If you are in India, you would be facing problem finding canned cherries and whipping cream. Click here for alternatives for Canned Cherries. Chop cherries. Whipping Cream can be easily prepared at home with Fresh Cream. Click here for home made Whipping Cream. You can also use usual sugar syrup instead of cherry syrup.  For sugar syrup take 4 tbsp sugar in a pan.Add enough water just to soak it. You will probably need 2 tbsp of water. .Cook in a medium flame till sugar dissolves.

Things Needed:

1.Convection Oven.
2.Cake Blender
3.Cake Pan


For Sponge:

  1. Sieve well  All purpose flour, baking powder n salt.
  2.  Separate  egg yolks.
  3. Take a bowl. Add white yolk. Whisk for some time. When it becomes fluffy add half of the sugar. Continue whisking for 3-4 minutes till it become very fluffy.
  4. Take another bowl.. add yellow yolk.. whisk it until it become pale. After that add remaining sugar.. continue whisking till the sugar gets dissolved. .
  5. After the sugar gets dissolved, add Butter and continue whisking.
  6. Now add 1/3 rd of white mix to the yellow mix followed by flour. Mix it well with spatula. . Don't overbeat.. just rotate your hand with a spatula.Add cold milk and vannila essence. Stir the batter.
  7. Add cold milk and vannila essence. Stir the batter.
  8. Repeat the above process for another 2 times.
  9. Preheat oven to 180 degree celsius.
  10. Apply butter to cake pan. Dust it with flour. Remove the excess., add batter to pan. Bake it for 25-30 minutes. Let the cake cool.
  11. Place the cake in a plate. Cut the cake into three layers horizontally. Rotating the plate while cutting helps in correct partitioning of cake.
  12. Grate the white chocolate using a peeler and keep it aside. Just take chocolate from fridge only when you are about to grate it. This helps in easy grating of chocolates.

For Whipping Cream Frosting:

  • Take a bowl. Add Whipping Cream to it. Beat it for some time until it doubles in its quantity. Now add powdered sugar to it. Beat it till cream reaches needed consistency. When you take whipping cream  in a spoon, it shouldn't fall down. That is the needed consistency. Your frosting is now ready. 
  •  keep the vessel in which you are going to prepare frosting and beater  hook in fridge for at-least an hour. This helps to prepare frosting easily.


  1. Take a plate in which you are going to serve cake. Add whipping cream to the center. Place the bottom sponge layer to it. This is done to prevent the cake from moving
  2. Spread 3-4 tbsp of Cherry syrup or sugar  syrup to it. Spread a good ½ inch layer of  whipping cream to it. Then some chopped cherries. Now the middle layer, syrup, cream and cherries
  3. Now the final layer, keep it upside down and then spread syrup!Take a big dollop of  cream and then spread it on top as well on sides. Then make it smooth! If crumbs are seen, do a crumb coat.
  4. Keep the cake in fridge for 10 mins. 
  5. Now add the remaining cream to a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle. Pipe with circular motion on top which makes rosettes. ( you can even use ketchup bottle if you could not find piping bag in India)
  6. Sprinkle chocolate shavings all over sides and top.
  7. Place a cherry on the top of each rosette.
  8. Your interesting Cake is ready