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Kai Muruku Prepared with Muruku Press

Kai Muruku I would like to confess a thing about this recipe. Traditionally it is prepared without Muruku press and using just hands. Since i couldn't do it, i used star shaped nozzle and prepared this muruku. This muruku stands unique in two things. 1. It is prepared with Par-boiled rice 2. And instead of preparing muruku with flour, rice is soaked and ground to a batter and it is used to prepare muruku.

Over to the crunchiest and tastiest muruku recipe..


Yields : Around 20 muruku

Preparation Time : 30 minutes + Soaking Time


Par Boiled Rice             - 1 cup (Pulungal Arisi)
Urad Dal Flour              - 1/4 cup
Butter                             - 2 tbsp
Sesame Seeds                 - 1 tsp (Ellu)
Salt                                 - As required
Oil                                  - For deep frying


  • Soak Parboiled rice for 2 hours and after that grind it to a smooth batter adding very little water. See to that you add very little water, just enough to grind rice or else it will be difficult to press muruku.
  • To prepare Urad Dal Flour, dry roast urad dal till it leaves nice aroma and after that grind it to a powder. Sieve the flour. Your urad dal flour is ready now. Make a note that we are adding 1/4 cup of Urad dal flour and not urad dal.
  • Take a bowl. Add ground parboiled rice batter, Urad dal flour, salt, sesame seeds and butter to it. Start kneading the dough till it reaches tight consistency like below.
  • If you have added more water while grinding rice, the dough consistency will be little watery. In such case, you can place the dough in a cloth for some time, so that cloth will absorb excess water. If the dough is very much tight, it will be difficult for you to press. In such case you can add little water to loosen the dough.
  • Take a  muruku press. Place little dough in it and start pressing it on a greased sheet. pressing it in a greased plastic sheet helps to transfer muruku easily to hot oil.

  • Heat oil in a pan. When its hot, slowly transfer pressed muruku to it. Fry it in medium flame, till muruku is cooked completely and it turned crispier. Drain oil and enjoy your muruku. If you are preparing it in correct consitency, muruku won't absorb oil at all.. Your crunchy, munchy muruku is ready!!