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Rava Maida Paniyaram

Rava Maida Paniyaram
This Rava- Maida Paniyaram is also an important delicacy from our native. It has been our tradition to prepare this paniyaram in all the important occasions. You can prepare this paniyaram in a jiffy and you just three basic ingredients for this paniyaram. The recipe follows..

rava maida paniyaram

Yields: Around 20 Paniyaram


Rava          - 1 cup
Maida         - 1 cup
Sugar         - 1 cup
Oil             - For frying


  • Take a bowl. Add Rava, Maida and sugar to it. Mix everything well. Add water in small instances and make a thick batter. Add very little water just enough to form the batter, or else batter will spread when you add it to oil and paniyaram will absorb oil too. 
  • Heat oil in a frying pan. When oil is really hot, take batter in small laddle (Preferably one deep laddle which is called as Kuzhi karandi in tamil) and add it to the hot oil. Paniyaram will start floating in oil in some time. When its cooked on one side, flip it to other side. 
  • See to that you add another laddle of batter to oil only after the  paniyaram which you added before starts floating in the oil or else both will stick to each other. 
  • Drain excess oil and enjoy your paniyaram!!