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Kuthiraivali Arisi Idli (Barnyard Millet Idli)

Kadalai Curry
As i always mention, tastiest and easiest way of including millets in our diet is in the form of Idli or Dosai. Today's recipe is an interesting recipe with Kuthiravali Arisi (Barnyard Millet) ,which has low glycemic index and hence its too good for controlling Diabetes. The recipe for super soft and fluffy Kuthiraivali Arisi Idli follows..

kuthiraivali arisi idli

Yields       : 25 idlis

Preparation Time : 15 minutes + time for Grinding & Fermentation


Kuthiraivali Arisi    - 3 cups (Barnyard Millet)
Urad Dal                  - 3/4 cup 
Fenugreek Seeds  - 2 tsp (Vendhayam)
salt                            - As required


  1. Soak Kuthiraivali Arisi (Barnyard Millet) and Fenugreek seeds for at-least 3 hours. Soak Urad Dal separately for an hour.
  2. Grind  Kuthiraivali arisi (Barnyard Millet)  and vendhayam (Fenugreek Seeds) to a smooth batter. Grind Urad Dal separately.
  3. Mix both well and add also enough salt.
  4. Let it ferment for 1 whole night.
  5. The next morning, Grease the idli plates.. Pour in batter and steam idlis.
  6. Enjoy your hot steaming Idlis with Sambar Chutney Of Your Choice.