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Malai Roti (Roti Canai)

Malai Roti

Today's recipe is Malai Roti, which is prepared with Maida, egg and milk. One of the best alternatives for Parotta. This dish tastes good only when prepared with Maida. So you can try this dish, on special occasions and on parties. The recipe follows..

malai roti

Yields : Around 6 Roti

Maida                - 2 cups (All Purpose Flour)
Milk                   - 1/2 cup (Boiled and cooled down milk)
Egg                    - 1
Butter                 - 1 tsp 
Baking Soda       - 1/4 tsp (You can also use Cooking Soda)
Sugar                  - a pinch
Salt                     - As required
Oil                      - 1/4 cup


  • Take a bowl. Add Maida, salt, sugar and Baking soda to it. Mix everything well. Break an egg and add it to the bowl. Add also butter to it. Add milk in small instances and start kneading the dough. The dough should be of very soft consistency so add little water if needed and knead accordingly. If the dough is of soft consistency only, you can expand it easily.
  • Apply some oil on the top of dough so that dough don't get dry. Cover it with a cling wrap and rest the dough for an hour. If you don't have cling wrap just cover the bowl tightly with a plate.
  • After an hour, take big lemon size balls from the dough. Expand it with your palm using oil. Fold in the shape you wish. I have folded it in rectangular shape.
  • Heat a dosai pan. When its hot, place shaped out roti to it. Add also oil to it. When roti is cooked on one side, flip it to other side. Remove from heat after its done on both the sides. Enjoy your Roti with either Veg Side dish Gravies or Non-Veg Side dish gravies of your choice.