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Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak
Its a special day for BusyAtIndianKitchen!! Yes.. Its Our Blog's First Anniversary. Now we are standing with around 415 recipes and around 2100 followers. Thank you for all your support and love. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes. To cherish the occasion today's special post is Mysore Pak.

This recipe will help you to prepare soft Mysore Pak. It requires just  a handful of ingredients. A little patience is required for preparing this delicious sweet. I have also mentioned few tips for making the dish  fool proof. The recipe follows..

mysore pak

Preparation Time : 45 minutes


Besan Flour       - 1 cup (Kadalai Maavu)
Sugar                 - 3 cups
Ghee                  - 1.5 cups
Oil                      - 1.5 cups
Water                 - 1.5 cups


  • Mix 2 tsp of oil to Besan flour and sieve it. This is done to prevent lumps while adding flour to sugar syrup.
  • Take a heavy bottomed pan. Add Sugar and water to it. Cook the syrup in medium flame till it reaches one string consistency. To check One string consistency, touch sugar syrup between your thumb and forefinger. When you extend your fingers, it must form a string in between.
  • After sugar syrup reaches one string consistency, slowly add Besan flour to sugar syrup and mix rapidly so that no lumps are formed.
  • In the mean time, heat oil and ghee in a heavy bottomed pan. The oil should be really hot, when adding to flour mix.
  • Now start adding little oil+ghee to flour mix in small instances and keep on stirring . Keep on adding oil+ghee till mixture becomes frothy and ghee separates from it.  You won't be needing all the oil+ghee which we have taken earlier, It depends on flour and temperature. So just stop adding after mixture becomes frothy and start changing its color. I was left with around 1.5 cups of oil+ghee when i prepared.
  • Switch off the flame and spread the mixture in a greased plate. The mixture will start cooling immediately. So start cutting with a greased knife after 10 minutes.Cut it into rectangle shapes. Let it rest for 30 minutes. Your Mysore pak is ready to enjoy!!