Lemon squash

The summer has started, and here comes the much needed post.

To quench our thirsts, i  used to prepare this lemon squash and store in refrigerator. Whenever we want to have some lemon juice , we will add 3/4th water to 1/4th squash and ta-da . Our refreshing lemon juice is ready.šŸ¹

Though preparing fresh lemon juice is better. I prefer this method since its time saving and  i can also save money by buying lemons in bulk .šŸ˜‹

You can prepare this lemon squash within 20 minutes. I don't prefer to add preservative and hence I will be preparing fresh squash every two weeks.

While returning from native, my athai gave a bag full of lemons from our backyard. Next day afternoon those Lemons are converted to evercool lemon squash šŸ˜‚

Here is the procedure


Fresh lemon juice    - 1 cup
Sugar                          - 2 cups
Water                          - 1 cup


Take 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water in a heavy bottomed bowl.  

Boil it in a medium heat.

 You can stop heating after sugar completly dissolves in water. You can also stop heating after it reaches  one string or half string consistency.

If you stop as soon as sugar dissolves in water you will end up in larger quantity of water in squash . So while preparing juice you need to add less water to squash.

Sometimes heating upto one string consistency,may cause crystallization of sugars. So to be on better side I will cook till I get half string consistency just to prevent crystallization of sugar and to reduce storage space in refrigerator.

Now take a clean container . Wash it well and completely dry it. Filter both sugar syrup and lemon juice. Mix them both well. Add it to the container and keep it in refrigerator.

When you want to prepare a glass of lemon juice fill 1/4 th of tumbler with squash and remaining with water. By replacing water with Soda you can have it as lemon soda .

This recipe is a fail proof recipe.  This will turn good how ever you do .just give this a try..šŸ‘