Fish Manchurian Recipe by Neha

Fish Manchurian Recipe by Neha  

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For fish lovers.

25 minutes
Ingredients for Fish Manchurian Recipe by Neha
Following are the ingredients to make Fish Manchurian by Neha

1) Fish - 250 gms
Cook the fish seperately in boiling water with 2 tsp of salt and then
take the fish and separate them into very small pieces , Take the bones off  the fish completely
2) Soy Sauce - 300 gms
3) 200 gms Ginger cut into small pieces
4) 300gms Garlic cut into small pieces
5) Coriander leaves
6)1 Red Onion cut into long pieces
7) All purpose flour - 200 gms
8) Egg - 1
9) Bell pepper - 1 cut into small pieces
10) Agin-o-motto - a pinch
11) chilli powder, salt, black pepper to taste


Ingredients may vary according to the number of guests you are preparing for and their personal tastes and habits like less salt or spices.
Method of Cooking Fish Manchurian Recipe by Neha
Following is the method to make Fish Manchurian by Neha.

Mix the all purpose flour, beaten egg, ginger garlic paste, salt,
powder to make a paste.
2) Add the fish to the paste and let it for 45 minutes
3) Heat some sun flower oil in a non stick pan and deep fry the chicken.
4) Heat a little oil in a pan and fry the onions, bell pepper, ginger
garlic pieces.
5) Add the soy sauce and let it boil
6) Add the fried fish pieces to the boiling mixture.
7) Add the agin-o-motto and coriander leaves


Special Tip

Serve hot with noodles or rice.

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